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Governments aren’t there to play God

When 7UP first came out in 1929, it contained added lithium. A new study in the British Journal of Psychiatry has led to calls for the government to add it to drinking water in an effort to reduce suicides.

Growing numbers of people have been taking their own lives due to the effect of measures put in place to combat Covid-19. In effect, the government is considering taking measures to combat the effects of other government measures. Who’d believe you if you made that up? Lithium levels tend to be higher in bottled mineral water. So then, governments are taxing mineral water drinkers to put lithium in the water they are avoiding because of taste and other issues.

For years now, flouride has been added to our drinking water, allegedly to strengthen our teeth, in such quantities that many of us simply don’t drink from the tap any more, hence defeating the whole object. More importantly, people don’t all require the same dose.

Then there was the appalling situation earlier this year when Whitehall edicts decided that hospitals were no be cleared of patients and all non-urgent procedures were to be cancelled. Whole departments were emptied of patients in readiness for the rush of anticipated Covid patients. Thankfully, the whole thing as still been far less serious than certain government advisors predicted, despite the tragic loss of life.

But in the middle of this rushed and thoughtless emptying of the hospitals were cancer patients, heart patients and stroke victims.

Forums on social media are full of heartbreaking stories about chemotherapy being stopped, particularly when used for extending, rather than saving lives. The bombardment of messages via main stream media told everyone not to go to hospital unless absolutely necessary. Ambulance crews, as a result, recorded record numbers of attending call-outs where the patient had already died.

I, as a diabetic, am not fond of the annual trip to hospital to have a series of blood samples taken, followed by a trip to the doctor’s surgery to be told that I need to lose weight, give up drinking and so on, but there are people who need this wake-up call more than I do. I’ve not had that this year and diabetic deaths are up 86%. Are the two facts connected?

Who are governments and their advisors to play the role of God? Who gave them the power to decide which critical illness is more important than another? Who should be treated and who left to die?

We look to governments for advice, allowing people to make an informed decision on things that may help their condition. There are still many people who want the government to run the health service too. If they must, let it be run by medical professionals, not politicians. We do not want governments to run our lives for us, deciding who lives and who dies.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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