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Government droning on

Date: Wednesday 9th January 2019

West Midlands MEP, Bill Etheridge, has demanded answers on the alleged drone situation that has delayed flights at both Gatwick and Heathrow lately.

Up to 140,000 passengers had their plans messed about when there were alleged sightings of drones near the runway at Gatwick

A nearby couple were arrested then released, before questions were asked as to whether there had been drones at all.

Now the same has happened again, this time at Heathrow, where take-offs to the EU and beyond were suspended for an hour.

As a result, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has announced he is looking at further legislation to curb the alleged threat to airline safety.

Bill Etheridge, also Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman, said “There is already a “no-fly” zone round airports for these things.

“Is increasing that area any more likely to see people obey the law? There is technology available to block the signals and crash them.

“Failing that, it would be a good opportunity for some target practise for the armed police that swarm round major airports.

“I can see no benefit to additional laws – unless the real reason is to ultimately criminalise drone ownership altogether?

“Maybe that’s what the state would prefer – the ability to spy on its citizens, without those individuals having a chance to see them spying?”


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