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Government by PR

Government by PR gurus and media is about the worst form of government any country could have , a government constantly engaged in news management is not a government at all, it is just handing power to the media in all its forms newsprint , television and social media.

Boris Johnson left it until Christmas Eve to announce the Withdrawal Agreement and it was all about PR for the Conservative Party

I can assure you that the Withdrawal Agreement is barely a month old and administrative chaos reigns for both U.K. citizens living in Europe and European nationals living in the U.K.

Boris is wrapping himself in the flag, I have never seen so many Union flags behind the PM, even Starmer went to the shops and bought one. Having devolved power to Scotland and Wales, the current London government is now promoting some misty eyed Victorian concept of Great Britain.

The U.K. joined a free trade zone by referendum which in Libertarian terms was a wholly good thing , free trade is a wealth creator , an overbearing big state be it the EU or London Government is the exact opposite. Tariffs benefit not one single citizen of Europe only government revenue. We left an insolvent , unrepresentative and largely incompetent EU by Referendum which in Libertarian terms was a good thing. What we have not done is retired in good order.

For British citizens living in Europe and Europeans living in the U.K. there is a general feeling that the tax farmers in London and Brussels would rather we all packed up and return to the flag of where we landed on this planet rather than where we choose to be.

At this moment in time there is active resistance to government lockdowns in Europe because national governments are fearful of their populations which in Libertarian terms is a good thing , in Britain the population is fearful of Government and the police state under the direction and control of Hancock. Boris is a fundamentally weak character , any other PM would have sacked Hancock months ago for gross incompetence.

Wrapping yourself in the Union flag is collectivism something this party does not support because we are a party that places the rights of individuals above that of any government be it in Brussels and Berlin , or Holyrood , Cardiff, Belfast or London

British Citizens in both the U.K. and in Europe are being trampled on , and Europeans in the U.K. are being treated in much same manner in a shoot out between London and Brussels

#AndrewWithers #Government #media #uk

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