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Freedom To Act

These three leaders are discussing Johnson's proposal to create a humanitarian coalition of nations, one point in a six-point plan the U.K. has put forward to address the crisis, where the mounting civilian death toll has caused widespread outrage.

Turning on the TV this evening, I was confronted with the revolting spectacle of Johnson, Rutte and Trudeau ‘proposing’ a six point plan for relief for Ukraine?

Johnson is thanking his lucky stars for the invasion for saving his job (he is still under criminal investigation for PartyGate).

Trudeau, you may have remembered, went from calling the truckers a minority, to going into hiding and then invoking the updated War Measures Act against the Canadian people.

Rutte is the second longest serving PM in Europe. In power since 2006, his scandal hit administrations have been accused of undermining confidence in Government by the Dutch Parliament.

This circus is following the curve, because it is ‘popular’. We, the people, have been sending trucks and aid since this misbegotten invasion started.

This Party fundamentally believes not in Government but that both the market and the people will rise to the occasion to combat long serving inept ‘professional‘ politicians.

Tomorrow morning at 5am, a truck loaded with essentials and clothes is heading east to Ukraine. Members of the Libertarian Party are crossing the border to help refugees get to Poland. In Dudley, community activists are organising clean ups because of local government failures.

It’s not about talking, or writing blogs, it’s about action. It is certainly not about rehabilitating failed politicians.

It’s about Freedom ,and Freedom to Act

Andrew Withers FRSA

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