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Allies In Freedom

The following statement was issued by the Libertarian Party and Freedom Alliance Party yesterday

"The LIbertarian Party and Freedom Alliance Party have agreed in principle to work together on a non compete basis at local and national elections to give a viable alternative under the tired and discredited first past the post system. Other smaller parties with a similar philosophy will be invited".

Being a rational party, the Libertarian Party looked at the egos involved in standing as candidates in the Southend West By-Election. So many were willing to pay the £500 Election Tax for their fifteen minutes of fame in front on the TV cameras or to get their name in the paper. Did any of them seriously think they were going to win?

The NCC decided not to ‘pay the Tax’.

After fifteen years, where we have had councillors and at one stage a MEP defect to us, we have come to the conclusion that only by creating a pact to create a viable ‘broad church', could we ever hope to make a dent into the oligarchy that believes that it has the right to rule by default.

The default being the benighted first past the post system which produces ‘safe seats ‘ that have not changed hands since the reign of Queen Victoria.

The Plague Act, which is due to end next month, has brought a sea change in politics. The Tory Party is fighting for its life, Starmer and the Labour Party have followed the Tories into the abyss while embracing the latest trendy woke fashions, despite being led by a knight of the realm.

This pact is not just to demand a return of our freedoms, but to ensure that the last two years never happen again. Also bringing those responsible to account.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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