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Free Market Economic Path.

The independent online reports that Margaret Thatcher is not as unpopular with those in Red Wall areas of the North as some are making out.

I believe that this is true and people regard the positive economic achievements far outweighed the negative outcomes of certain policies that were introduced by her government.

Her belief in free market economics and classical liberalism was probably her greatest trait.

From an article in the Spectator 2013 written by Alex Massie:

"Mrs Thatcher, of course, was a great economic liberal. Her approach to economics, guided by Smith, Hayek and Friedman, stressed the importance of individual endeavour. Remove the dead hand of state control and Britain could flourish again. The many individual invisible hands of the market would improve our collective lot. Decline was not inevitable. It was time to believe in progress again."

The Conservative party abandoned these ideals back in the mid 1990's as the wets took over.

I am not saying that I agree with everything that she did but I am saying that she introduced the principles of Smith, Hayek and Friedman that gave the country the boost it so badly needed after decades of successive government's just managing decline.

As the country starts to come out of the decline of the last eighteen months, there is a chance to grab those very same principles and the philosophy of Smith, Hayek and Friedman to use them to open up the market and once again create a vibrant prosperous country and population.

Libertarianism is growing fast in the UK as people see the advantages of individual freedom both economically and personally. This has been proven over the past few weeks and months as I have had many conversations with individuals who want to join us and also from members who want to stand as a Libertarian party candidate in future elections.

People are turning away from the Conservative party.

People are also turning away from the Labour adage of wealth redistribution, especially the young generation.

Hayek, in an interview states " if an individual in a well paid position knows that two thirds of their income is going to be taken in income tax to then be redistributed to the rest of society, they would stop doing such a role and do something more pleasant with lower or no income tax" thus being less productive and then adding to decline.

Free market economics has proved in the past that they work. It's time to unleash the potential.

Come and join us and support us.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.

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