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Free at last!

It's good to look at things differently sometimes. For those of us who don’t believe the state is the best placed to do anything much at all, the current lurch to the left by the Tory Party is almost a weight off our shoulders.

For years now, the argument has been to stick with the blue team in Parliament as Labour represented libertarian values even less. Indeed, the last decade or so of General Elections at least have been decided on a vote of not who’s best, but least bad. It is no way to decide who runs the country.

But now, however, the conservative historical message of fiscal prudence has gone altogether. Since 2010, successive leaders, on generally shorter and shorter tenures, have each tried to outdo their predecessors in how high they could take government spending. Increasing taxation, of course, has followed close behind.

Where once stood the party of the businessman, the entrepreneur, now stands a strange blue socialist party that aims to outspend the Red Socialists with a bizarre campaign to “Level up” the country – whilst retaining their betrothal to crony corporatism. This kind of national socialism has reared its head before. Now let me think…

But where does it leave libertarians? Well, I’d say in a way, it frees us from our worries of Labour being the worst option. For there is nothing to choose between the red and blue socialists apart from varying levels of incompetence and corruption.

It leaves us free, finally, to vote for the candidates closest to our ideals and not to worry about keeping the worst option out. It’s time to vote for freedom, vote Libertarian.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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