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Four More Weeks

Another month of uncertainty, doubt and lack of clarity is to follow. Businesses, both old and new, hoping to open next Monday will have to wait. "We will monitor the position every day and if, after two weeks, we have concluded that the risk has diminished then we reserve the possibility of proceeding to step four, and a full opening, sooner," said Boris, leaving the situation as clear as mud.

Four more weeks closer to winter, when the cynics amongst us believe that the onset of the flu season will, once again, see more draconian measures as the Johnson administration attempts to beat death itself. That dark shade with a scythe will continue whatever measures are in place though. Trying to stop death is akin to the vain efforts of King Cnut trying to turn back the tide.

Four more weeks, meaning all the preparations for reopening, that have been made by the hospitality industry have been wasted. Money spent thus far on reopening plans is lost, meaning many more people inch closer to unemployment and poverty. It’s all very well saying that it’s only money and lives are more important, but C*v*d isn’t Death’s only weapon! Untreated heart conditions, cancer and suicide are just as effective when it comes to ending lives.

Four more weeks of watching the freedom of people in other countries enviously and wondering what excuses our rulers will trot out the next time they delay? France, after a slow start, mainly caused by EU efficiency, is racing along with a v@((ination programme of its own and over the pond, mask wearing ceases for those who have taken part in theirs.

Of course, we’ll be watching remotely. We aren’t getting the chance to visit these places for ourselves. The delay also means plans to road test how a V@((ine passport would work can go ahead at Euro 2020 games, Wimbledon, and music performances. Attendees will have to show proof of v@((ination or a recent negative test. Capacity limits will remain in place at other venues and nightclubs will stay closed.

So, “Four more weeks” doesn’t sound a lot, does it? But then again, neither did “three weeks to flatten the curve”.

Martin Day - Party Secretary

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