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Fireworks Ahead?

On New Year’s Eve, I had an early night, but friends of mine in completely different towns saw skies full of really expensive fireworks, more than they’d ever seen before in their life. Were the people setting these off obeying the rules and setting off hundreds of pounds worth of pyrotechnics for their own household’s benefit? Somehow, I would say that’s doubtful.

Roads are similarly busy, with queues of motorists heading every which way – all on urgent journeys, no doubt. Long queues were also forming outside local supermarkets and convenience stores. Did they all forget the matches to light their fireworks, or did they just need to get out of the house – go anywhere to stave off the boredom?

The chances are that they are starting to fight back, sick of being bossed about, given ever more restricting regulations, none of which are actually proven to work. The numbers of virus “cases” dropped in many areas throughout the country, yet still they went up a tier. Now, we’re told numbers are rising steeply. Yet so many citizens, even now, know of no one who has even had it.

The government is relying on an advisory panel who are obsessed with only one malaise. There is still no official tally, though there should be, of the amount of deaths caused by their measures. How can anyone compile a balance sheet without having a negative column?

Meanwhile, the efforts at vaccinations are reminiscent of the early stages of attempts at mass testing. Bureaucracy is holding up the registration of former medical professionals willing to administer the jabs. At the current rate of 300k per week, with a jab that needs two doses, it will take years to get through even those willing to receive it. What are the odds on C*vid-23 being out by then?

As a result, people will find ever more ingenious excuses to meet, or simply ignore rules which are often hastily assembled and contradictory at best, downright ludicrous at worst. If this doesn’t end soon, it will be a lot more than fireworks that are going off.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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