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Fight Oppression, Not Each Other.

"It's why we have to stand up and be counted. Nothing will change unless "we the people" do something about it. Standing for council elections, and in parliament. Sure the electoral system is rigged against us, but if we can take power, we can start to give it back to ordinary people. Tories are not, and will never be true libertarians."

Rob Ede Wessex Coordinator

A few days ago I read an appeal from The Freedom Association (TFA) for a unified opposition to both the Tories and Labour.

As much as I applaud this sentiment it is a sad truth is that the Libertarian movement is split asunder. At the last count there were some 214 groups that identify as ‘Libertarian’. Some groups come and go with monotonous regularity, some individuals whine about ‘power’ and spend most of their time fighting other ‘Libertarians’ in being more holier than thou. There is no ‘power’ there is just the daily grind of admin, admin, then more admin. That is not power.

Too many ‘Libertarians’ are simply not interested in building a viable movement or coalition, but fighting Libertarians who are actually organising something. That is much more up their street, better than taking on the State. In Russia, the RLP are constantly facing arrest and harassment, how many people identifying as Libertarian would be prepared to do that in the U.K.?

The Libertarian Party was the first party to call for the release of Julian Assange. Unless a coordinated campaign is mounted, he will be extradited, then none of us is safe for expressing a mere opinion.

Turning the tide against an authoritarian state is a generational thing. As the current generation of activists fade into retirement, the fear is that nearly two decades of graft will go to waste and the next wave of spotty SpADs will think the way we are currently ruled is normal and nobody will ever lift a finger to oppose them.

It is time to get organised and get active, the full force of the Sunak disaster has not yet hit, the far left will take full advantage of the economic crisis to come.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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