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EU opens the way towards recognition for Liberland!

Date: Thursday 31st January 2019

Answering a parliamentary question, President Junker confirms that whether Liberland, known as Gornja Siga, is in the EU “requires further clarification.”

He thus agrees that it might not be. He also accepts that the area is the subject of negotiation between Croatia and Serbia. This means that either or both can help Liberland achieve the global recognition that its government and its people want.

“This is an extremely important development and represent real progress for us.” Said Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland

“We are a step closer to knowing that it may not be EU territory and that it can become an independent sovereign state.”

President Junker’s comments were in reply to a question from EFDD MEP Bill Etheridge about whether the Liberland territory is part of the European Union.

Mr Etheridge expected a clear yes, but this is not the case.

*Editor’s note – written answer

EN P-006139/2018 Answer given by President Juncker on behalf of the European Commission (29.1.2019)

Subsequent to the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the exact location of the border between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia in the area of Gornja Siga requires further clarification.

The Commission is aware that the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Serbia are currently in negotiations with a view to achieving this clarification.

Until this process has been finalised, the Commission understands that the Croatian authorities assume the responsibility of safeguarding the respect of EU rules in all areas under their control.


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