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EU investment to the UK’s detriment

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge has lashed out at news of a 125m€ EU investment into Slovakia for a new Jaguar Land Rover plant.

This comes in the wake of a planned shutdown of the JLR plant at Solihull for two weeks.

The Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “Once again we see EU investment into industry to the detriment of the UK.

“Those begging for the opportunity to remain in this monstrous monolith really should start noting what is going on.

“This socialist union of European states will not be happy until parity is achieved between the pieces of land formerly known as nations.

“If that requires reducing the UK economy to the level of states recovering from years behind the Iron Curtain, then that is what they do.

“As for Jaguar, they should know better. Their drop in profits has come largely due to an over-investment in diesel engines which are now being persecuted by the very EU who pertain to be helping them.”

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