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End this Tyranny!

Swiss campaigners have triggered a referendum to strip the government of new legal powers to impose lockdowns and curtail public life as the country battles the pandemic.

Campaign group Friends of the Constitution on Wednesday handed in a petition of 86,000 signatures collected over the past three months — well in excess of the 50,000 required — to formally initiate a nationwide vote to repeal the 2020 Covid-19 Act under Switzerland’s highly devolved democratic system.

The outcome will be legally binding, with a vote scheduled for as early as June. While the pandemic has exposed social and political fractures across Europe over the rights of citizens, in Switzerland — where individuals’ rights are often treated as culturally sacrosanct and government powers are sharply proscribed by law — the strains have become particularly evident.

Christoph Pfluger said Switzerland would be the first and perhaps the only country to give its citizens a direct vote on coronavirus restrictions.’

The Libertarian Party, from its foundation fifteen years ago, has advocated a Swiss Style Constitution and Direct Democracy through Referenda.

Power concentrated into just a few hands is arbitrary government be it absolute monarchy, State Socialism / Communism or its hybrid ‘Parliamentary Representative Democracy’ built on the shaky foundations of First Past The Post.

Parliament was not representative of the will of the people over the issue of Europe, it was unashamedly pro EU, it took a Referendum to on membership to establish the will of the people.

A Swiss style Referendum is legally binding not advisory, the Swiss people are sovereign, not as here ‘Parliament is Sovereign’

All decisions about your life are being made by Matt Hancock and the medical mafia, in Switzerland a Referendum is being called on the continuance of Lockdown and to ensure that it never happens again are such powers are curbed.

We could do that here, referenda are legal but rare.

Petty tyrants don’t like Constitutions and being curbed.

End the lockdown, ask the people.

#AndrewWithers #Constitution #freedom #LibertarianParty

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