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Dying to deceive us.

A post from the BBC tells us that the UK saw a death rate 7% more than would normally be expected during the course of 2020 – it was one of the highest in Europe, according to data from the Office for National Statistics. Sound frightening? Of course, it’s made to make everyone realise how serious the virus was.

But where exactly did those deaths come from. Firstly, they are far from the highest, pro rata to the population and substantially worse years happened during my lifetime. Virus deaths were high, but at the expense of flu, which disappeared. So where did the increase come from?

Well, cancer deaths rose from 145k to 165k, a 13.7% increase. That’s almost double the rate of the general increase, yet there’s hardly a mention in the mainstream media. Major charity Cancer Research UK fear the ongoing death toll from the lack of diagnosis and treatment in 2020 could hit 200,000. It’s a figure that substantially outstrips virus estimates, yet again, minimal coverage.

We are reminded that the ONS figures do not include deaths from this year when the UK and the rest of Europe experienced a third wave of coronavirus, leading to thousands of deaths from Covid-19. But there’s no mention of the anticipated spike in cancer rates, which will be at its peak during this year.

Whilst writing this piece, I have the greatest respect for those who have seen loved ones commit suicide, and to those who have lost friends and relatives to heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Ambulances attending callouts where they were already too late hit a high as people were so scared about the virus they delayed calling 999 about a heart attack.

Those who know me, know I have a personal focus on cancer though, so I make no apologies for highlighting this again.

The lack of focus on the biggest killer of all during the last 12 months is a national scandal and the blame lands squarely at the door of Matt Hancock. He and his medical mafia got their sums wrong, backed the wrong horse and cost tens of thousands of people their lives. His position is untenable. He should resign or be removed from the power that has clearly gone to his head.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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