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Double Standards.

Chistopher Pincher has become the latest in a long list of unsavoury MPs exposed as completely unsuitable to sit in Parliament as a “representative” of his local constituency. Not for the first time, he stands accused of drunkenly groping men without their consent. In short – sexual assault.

Yesterday, the PM's spokesman denied that Mr Johnson had been warned about Mr Pincher's conduct when he gave him the job of deputy chief whip as a reward for his loyalty to Boris over the “Partygate” scandal back in February.

Yet in 2017, Pincher had been forced to resign from his position as Comptroller of the Household after another accuser - a former Olympic rower - claimed he was doing something very similar and behaved like a "pound shop Harvey Weinstein".

Surely, he is finished this time. So why did it take pressure from opposition leaders and from within his own party for Boris to finally withdraw the Tory whip at 5pm last night?

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, an arch-critic of the PM, has suggested Downing Street was guilty of "double standards" in its handling of Neil Parish and "arch-loyalist" Pincher. Mr Parish, who resigned in May after the “Tractor Porn” scandal, also accused the government of "double standards".

The answer seems clear. If you are one of Boris’ chums, then feel free to behave how you like and he will back you, maybe even give you an NHS contract or two – or try and get you a highly paid job. Incidents involving Matt Hancock and Owen Paterson bear testament to a leader with a moral compass that is out of sync with that of the general public.

The Eton Boys Club that are currently running this country (into the ground) are impervious to standards of decency that are adhered to in everyday life. They are out of control and need to be put out of office. The only thing that can prevent that is the weakness of the opposition.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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