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Don’t Think The Wrong Thing

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge is concerned that new mental health tests, on children as young as four, will be used to control the public.

Mental health specialists are to be trained for work in schools, involving primary school kids and will see 8,000 of them recruited long-term

Every school is to have a senior staff member responsible for mental health and there will be a Government ‘state of the nation’ report on child mental health from next year.

The Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “This is the thin end of the wedge to the whole of Europe being subjected to Soviet style thought control.

“Just how easy would it be to say that if you don’t agree with establishment doctrines then you are mentally ill?

“No doubt the naysayers will dismiss this as overly cynical, but throughout the history of the EU any changes have been enacted by creeping legislation, never by a radical change.

“Remember Nigel Farage being called a dangerous fantasist for saying there was to be an EU army?

“Already we have seen bullying of children who do not agree with the left-wing views of their teachers. Is this the next step?

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