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Don’t Let Democracy Die On Your Watch

This is a pivotal moment in British Politics. Brexit has laid bare the self-interest and outright duplicity of the Political class. Politicians who gained their powerful positions making promises to the people they represent are blatantly reneging on those commitments. It is now clear that the Establishment has no intention of delivering on the 2016 EU Referendum. It is doubtful if they ever did.

An ever-growing number of people are waking up to the realisation that Democracy in Britain is no longer Representative. How could it be, when a clear majority mandate in the electorate to leave the EU is being ignored? How does a Member of Parliament justify not executing the democratic decision of their constituencies, the very people who elected them into power?

Parliament has become a cosy echo chamber of pampered liberal elites, most of whom have no experience of the world the rest of us inhabit. They have come to believe their own hype: they are the experts, they know what is best for the rest of us and they should be trusted to make decisions on our behalf because they understand things that we don’t.

Since Blair and his infamous WMD scandal and Brown’s crippling the country with debt, the emphasis has shifted to managing the image of power and spinning the story to justify the actions of politicians and their cronies, rather than on doing the right thing for Brtain and its people. The British media, once the envy of the world as a Free Press motivated and eager to expose the truth is now part of the cosy arrangement who cannot be trusted. How many more farcical Brexit scare stories do we need to see to be convinced of that?

This is a unique opportunity to seize back for our children what was once sacred, before it is too late, before Democracy diminishes to a thin veneer. Freedom is not free, if it is worth having it is worth fighting for. Stop waiting for the latest promise to be broken and join us.


Tim Marshall, Libertarian Party Transport Spokesman

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