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Cruel and unusual punishment

Before the last election I had a meeting with a former cabinet minister who was adamant that Assange had caused incalculable damage to British interests. These interests appear to be just sucking up to the US securi state. A senior US Officer has confirmed not one US intelligence asset had been compromised as a result of Assange revelations. The US was just embarrassed to the Nth degree.

Despite not authorising his extradition on mental health grounds, on the 6th January 2021 , DJ Baraitser said “He is willing to flout the order of this court,” she said. “As a matter of fairness, the US must be allowed to challenge my decision and if Mr Assange absconds during this process they will lose the opportunity to do so.”

Fairness ? Seriously?

Providing the US appeal is unsuccessful and also the British government don’t find another excuse to detain him in Belmarsh the outlook for him has obviously improved – depending of course on how much damage to his health ten years with virtually no sunlight has caused. I believe the ruling very damaging for the freedom of the press, our judicial system and our sovereignty. The judge has basically said that it is OK to prosecute journalists and publishers and that the 1st amendment in the US offers no protection. There is no public protection for publishing classified information under the Official Secrets Act. It is OK for the government to spy on the defendant’s privileged communication with their legal team. And it is OK to extradite individuals from the UK to the US for political crimes. . There are also currently misconduct in public office investigations in the U.K. relating to this case . So where is the fairness in the prosecution

Assange’s family are obviously concentrating on trying to get him to safety. There is a campaign to be had after he is free. What has been allowed to happen in his case should not be allowed to stand, for this we need a written Constitution that gives every individual protection from legal abuse

In the name of humanity let Assange go free

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