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Covid Alert Stupidity Levels.

With the introduction of a tiered system of Covid rules, I believe it would be most helpful to align these new diktats to a simple stupidity system. It’s something everyone can understand, so no matter where you are in the country, you know how stupid the rules are in your area.

LOW stupidity – Low Covid Alert Level. Basically, there isn’t one. Despite counties such as Devon and Dorset having no deaths at all (even with some wonderful Public Health England creativity) there is nowhere in the country where the level of stupid rules is low.

MEDIUM stupidity – Medium Covid Alert Level. In these areas, social contact is limited by the Rule of 6, except for sport. So, if you fancy a few cans in the park with twenty odd mates – make sure someone remembers the ball. Eat out to help out, but only before 10pm. The virus is nocturnal. You can still go to the pub, but remember your mask for the three yards from door to table. You can then remove it for several hours just so long as you have a strong bladder. Nightclubs and adult entertainment must be closed, so you can listen to the pub singer, but she must remain clothed. The virus is a prude.

HIGH stupidity – HIGH Covid Alert Level. You may not visit relatives in residential care. They can die of a broken heart or commit suicide, but must not catch a virus. You can still engage in outdoor sport with two dozen others, but this may not include hiking up a remote Welsh mountain as Welsh First Minister, Mark Drakeford, wants to ban the English. The virus is racist.

VERY HIGH stupidity – Very High Covid Alert Level. Universities are under pressure to switch to online tuition. They are, of course, under no pressure to charge less for a reduced service. No indoor sport unless you are young or disabled. The young are statistically safe, the disabled seem to be politically expendable. You can go to a wake after a funeral, but not a reception following a wedding. The virus clearly knows the difference!

Despite this irreverent look at the new rules, our message is serious. In almost all cases, where more extreme levels of rules have been imposed, local leaders are up in arms about it. West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street called it an outrage that Birmingham has been classified the same risk as Manchester where the transmission rate is more than four times higher. Who are we to disagree?

Although it is far from clear what the likes of Andy Burnham in Manchester would do differently, it shows up the absurdity of deciding everything in London. The Libertarian Party calls for devolved power, with decision making returned to local areas. Covid-19 is very real and we call for the vulnerable to enjoy the protection they individually want, but the real virus is Whitehall.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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