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Conference 2022

One of the proposals received from the Wessex Region Libertarian Party for the conference on September 24th 2022;

‘Given the total lack of legitimacy in our ‘First Past The Post’ electoral system and that voter turnout is falling with each election, that the party adopts the ‘nothing less than fifty percent rule’.

1. If the voter turnout is less than fifty percent of those registered, the Returning Officer voids the election.

2. There is a two stage election that any elected representative MUST get more than 50% of the recorded vote to claim any legitimacy.

This proposal has been accepted onto the agenda to be voted on and included in the manifesto, certainly this will shackle some MPs who claim to have the legitimacy to tax the public within an inch of there lives.

Other proposals are the the removal of Bishops from the House of Lords, the ending of ‘gongs’ for the Civil Service who are paid for what they do (or say they do) reserving these for voluntary service only.

This should be a lively session!

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