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Collision Course.

Following on from my easyJet article last week there are further developments in the ongoing pain being felt in the travel industry, in which airline and travel firm bosses are blaming the government's dreadful travel traffic light system and the incomprehensible guidance coming from number ten for the impending collapse of the industry.

There is a growing feeling of confusion, frustration and complete bewilderment at the government's lack of understanding and decision making around this system.

We now see the situation has developed into a lawsuit that the travel industry including certain airlines who are looking to sue the government. It is only right that the bosses are taking action and yes, that action is to save the companies that they have been charged with the responsibility for running.

Any CEO who will fight for the survival of their company and to save thousands of colleagues' jobs and careers deserve to be heard and be allowed to continue trading.

Previously I have written that the government needs to consult, involve and invite those very same business leaders to the table and let them get their fair hearing so they can drive the agenda in opening up their industry.

An analogy of the predicament that the industry is facing was shown in a programme called Aircraft Crash Investigation on National Geographic. The investigation into the South Korean Airways cargo flight crash near Stansted in December 1999 was due to faulty instruments and pilot error.

The faulty instrument was showing the pilot was flying horizontally even though he was in a turning manoeuvre. Alarm bells can be heard ringing on the cockpit recorder as the Captain continued turning into a steep banking manoeuvre that they did not recover from. Because of the flight deck hierarchy the First Officer and the Flight Engineer didn't challenge the Captain even though their instruments were showing the danger, the impending crash and their ultimate and very sad demise.

Boris seems to be following a similar path with disastrous results. He is like the Captain only listening to his instruments, his so-called "experts" , his Cabinet not challenging him, ignoring the cockpit alarm bells and ignoring the travel industry bosses who are warning of the impending danger.

Don't crash the travel industry airplane Boris. Check to see if your instruments (experts) are giving you false readings and data. The industry alarm bells are ringing and the cockpit voice alarm is incessantly shouting "pull up, pull up."

There are thousands of people who work in the industry and many have lost their jobs due to the P*nd*mic including some very good friends of mine. If Boris continues on his present course there will be many more joining the unemployed masses.

Let the market experts lead the way and take the Captain's chair. Boris and his faulty instruments need to go back and sit in the back.

This needs to happen right across all sectors of industry. The market will recover if it is left alone from government meddling and the true Captains of industry can fly us to the correct destination.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.