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Change Is Good.

" To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."

Winston Churchill.

Since Wednesday last week when Dominic Cummings gave his evidence to the select committee some people in government and in Whitehall are openly discussing the need for change in the way that the country is governed.

On Sunday Lord Kerslake indicated that a big change is needed in Whitehall when interviewed on Sky News. He even went as far as to thank Dominic Cummings for coming forward with his evidence so that we could all see a clearer picture of the events that took place behind the Black Door over the last sixteen months.

In any organisation there is always a need for change so the organisation can stay ahead of the game. Coming from a retail management career and at one point having over one hundred colleagues as direct reports it was a fine balancing act to bring about and manage change.

There will always be those colleagues who will champion the change with you and then there are those who will be resistant to the change as they may be frightened of the change and what it entails. They may wonder how the change will affect their daily work. It is certainly hard and as a manager you will have to wear your "counsellor hat" to manage the change. A company that manages the change well will survive, but those who don't and won't change their operating format will almost certainly fail. We saw this over the past few years with the demise of the big department stores.

Now us Libertarians believe that the change needed for the way the country is governed goes much deeper than just moving the pieces on the chess board.

To really make a change that will benefit the individual there must be a complete reduction in the size of the State. Devolution down to regional level, not just the Devolved Administrations that we have at present. We propose the move to a federal style of government bringing about the creation of the Confederation of Free States of Britain with a written Constitution. This Confederation would consist of Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, London and the South East, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland may want to join the Confederation and that should be decided by each individual within Scotland.

This Confederation is based on the Swiss model of Cantons which serves the people of Switzerland very well.

To break up the Whitehall monolith and bring the government much closer to you, the individual, will put you more in control of your life. As the States would have complete budgeting responsibility, competition between the States in areas of low taxation would bring about greater social mobility as individuals would see the advantage of moving to one State if the taxation level was much lower than their present State.

These are big changes that we are proposing and can be read in full on our manifesto page on our website.

People mustn't be afraid of change as change is good and necessary.

As we are seeing even some of those in Whitehall agree there is a change coming. I hope to see this change come about in my lifetime.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.