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Call for resignation of Kit Malthouse MP

Dated 14th September 2020

Today’s new regulations saw a ban on more than six people meeting even in someone’s home. The Police Minister, Kit Malthouse, was asked if neighbours should call if they saw seven people gathering in the house next door?

Mr Malthouse responded: “It’s open to neighbours to do exactly that through the non-emergency number and if they are concerned and do see that kind of thing, then absolutely they should, yes.”

Home Affairs Spokesman, Glenville Gogerly, said “Today we see a very dangerous intrusion to our freedoms and liberty in the Covid-19 response from the UK Conservative Government.

The Government’s own Policing Minister, Kit Malthouse, has called for individuals to snitch on their neighbours if they have a gathering of more than six in the family home.

This is not only dangerous in the terms of further intrusion into our private lives but could lead to repercussions from neighbour to neighbour as was seen in post world war two Germany.

I have to agree with Lord Sumption and say that this is a move towards a police state.

It seems madness to stop families from meeting when hundreds of people have been meeting with friends at pubs and restaurants.

Are the Government starting to panic? It is not a good direction of travel for us as a nation and I implore the Government not to take this dangerous route.”

Party Secretary, Martin Day, added “The Libertarian Party unequivocal calls for the immediate resignation of Kit Malthouse MP for his call to ‘dob’ your neighbours in’.

In 1989 we saw the end of this Stasi behaviour in the DDR, yet here we are having a minister of the crown advocating the neighbourhood snitch as public policy.

This is an appalling state of affairs that appears to be sanctioned at the highest reaches of government.

It also gives an indication of the current mindset in both Westminster and Whitehall.

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