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C-day minus twelve

We are now twelve days out from the end of the Plague Act, Putin’s war has knocked the media agenda elsewhere.

Thousands died as a result of being collateral damage. The government's decision to follow an insane policy of focusing on just one respiratory disease to the exclusion of everything else has wrecked the economy and stoked up inflation.

The concept that Matt Hancock and the NHS could stop everybody dying was risible. The Nightingale Hospitals being opened by any passing Royal were simply redundant before they opened.

This has been the greatest peacetime disaster in my lifetime.

The reckoning now needs to start. There have been blatant breaches of the Law and widespread corruption. Are we going to faced with another Blair-style whitewash or an inquiry with real sharp teeth?

This Party intends to play its part in bringing those responsible to account.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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