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Budget Statement


“Today we saw a Labour budget delivered by a Conservative Chancellor. The Libertarian Party have long held that the continuing levels of borrowing are not just unfair but are immoral as we are effectively buying votes today with the taxes of our children and this should not be allowed to continue.

“Philip Hammond had a chance today to begin to make real progress towards eradicating our astronomical debt but instead he chose to simply take out the credit card again and try and convince us that “only” borrowing an additional £120bn over the next five years was a good news story.

“Again using the usual trick of ignoring the debt to focus on the deficit we are supposed to believe that everything is ok as we are borrowing less however it is important to remember that this is all additional borrowing on top of our current debt and what we really heard today was that we would not be looking to repay any of this debt for another decade at the very earliest.

“So whilst Mr Hammond and Mr Corbyn fight to see who can spend the taxes of our children quickest we will continue to point out that with Public sector debt now forecast to hit £1.8tn by 2023/24.

“We are far from the point where we should be celebrating and as long as our political choice is made up of two sides of the same coin, I doubt we ever will be in that position.”

Bill Etheridge MEP, LPUK Deputy Chair added “This is yet more of the same Blairite nonsense from Hammond.

“He had the chance to deliver an exciting and radical Brexit budget but has deliberately thrown it away. This isn’t a budget it’s an act of sabotage “

Andrew Withers, LPUK Chair “The Economic Consequences of Mr Hammond will be paid by my unborn grandchildren”

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