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Britons could be barred from EU entry on 1 January

Not exactly sure what the BBC is up to now with this click bait headline, could is the operative word, if you read the rest of this article is is entirely speculative.

The BBC is plummeting in respect at home and overseas, families are just not renewing their licences in their droves causing a cash crisis. The new DG is dreaming up new funding models that involve the taxpayer giving the BBC cash from general taxation.

Any commercial organisation would be questioning why it is failing to keep its market and do something radical to arrest the decline , not the Ministry of Truth it is churning out the same right on woke agenda and will carry on doing so until the last penny is switched off. The open mouthed ‘what the hell ‘ reaction to the Vicar of Dibley bending the knee in a non religious sense, was registered across the media, and if we were allowed in pubs across the country.

The BBC has never got over the 2016 Brexit vote going against all ‘right thinking‘ opinion. Neutrality as set out in the the BBC charter is observed more in the breach.

The Libertarian Party was once a regular contributor to political programmes, I remember being asked to do a ten minute slot patched through from BBC Studios in Whiteladies Road Bristol to London , and being asked to stay on for a further forty minutes because of the amount of people phoning in interested in what the party had to say. That was the high water mark since then just the occasional invitation at General Elections.

The questioning of ever increasing state interference in our lives was not to be tolerated.

During the ‘ Covid Crisis ‘ the BBC has just slavishly follow the Government line on just about every pronouncement . Uncritical and silencing those who are questioning policy and the unnecessary early deaths from cancer. It is assumed that the BBC is ‘doing its bit ‘ in return for favourable treatment in funding.

The bitter joke rings true, ‘is that the truth or did you hear it on the BBC.


The Government expects the television licence fee settlement process to be concluded by autumn next year before coming into force on April 1 2022. A group of independent professionals have also been appointed to a panel to help consider the future of broadcasting in the UK. The Public Service Broadcasting Advisory Panel includes former Channel 4 chief executive and BBC chairman Lord Michael Grade and Facebook’s vice president for Europe Nicola Mendelsohn, as well as former senior executives from Sky, ITN and TV production company Endemol Shine.

Lord Grade said: “Our public service broadcasting remit has served the nation well for over 80 years but the time has come to review its relevance for the digital age and maybe redefine it.” A BBC spokesperson said that the “past few months have served as a powerful reminder of just how much the BBC matters locally, nationally and globally”. “Our programmes and services have never been more relevant, important or necessary,” the statement said.

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