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Breaking down the borders

Date: Tuesday 4th December 2018

Bill Etheridge MEP has slammed to latest EU diktat, which is aimed at breaking down national borders at a cost of over 11€ billion.

The Regional development committee have approved the spending and it will go before a full plenary in January for ratification.

Parliament’s rapporteur Pascal Arimont. Said “We want border hindrances to be removed – including, above all, the ones in people’s minds.

“Border regions should become communal spaces in which Europe becomes a tangible reality in everyday life. This is what the Interreg programme enables us to do”

Mr Etheridge, the Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman stormed “This is yet more proof that the once secret plan of creating a Federal Super-state is coming out into the open.

“With May’s deal we face being swallowed up into a nation state, without even a vote in what goes on.

“M. Arimont shows the clear intent to break down national identity and follows on from Ms Merkel’s statement about nations surrendering sovereignty.

“A clean Brexit is the only way out of this sinister project, which is at last revealing it’s true vision is about so much more than trade agreements.”

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