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Blair Government was Incompetent

Boris sporting his beloved Union Flags behind him has gone public believing that devolution has been a disaster, yesterday the First Minister of Scotland imprisoned two and a half million Scots because she can , and the Welsh First Minister has been putting Wales through a super lockdown because he can too. There is the added complication of the American President Presumptive getting involved with the Good Friday Agreement because ‘He is Irish’

Like so many disasters this lack of ‘United ‘ in the United Kingdom can be laid at the door of the 1997 Blair Government which was breathtaking in its incompetence.

Above is the Civil Service fact sheet in case you needed any more confirmation of what a pigs ear devolution is

First off Blair’s devolution was to do nothing more than bolster support for Labour in both Scotland and Wales , without which they needed to form majority Governments in Westminster ,many Scots Nationalists contend that this is not the case and have the figures to prove it. However that was the thinking inside of Blair’s Government , which at one time was called The Scottish Raj under Gordon Brown.

The glaring omission here was that England had no devolved powers it was to be run from a Parliament that had Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MP’s sitting in it. No English Parliament for the English. English Nationalism is an evil thing whereas Scots and Welsh Nationalism is uplifting and to be celebrated.

Scots consistently vote SNP , because the Scottish Labour Party especially in Glasgow was blatantly corrupt and Scottish Conservatives the lackeys of London. What Scots have not voted for is full independence , in fact the Scots have consistently voted to stay in both the Union and the European Union.

Boris is trying to turn back the clock and reconfirm Britain as one entity run by Westminster , the first Ministers on the other hand are closing ‘National’ borders

The Libertarian Party strongly supports devolution as minimal government should be as close to the people as possible. However what we have is a disaster, with the largest part of the Union is in effect just not devolved , and London is not England.

Our policy is for the reality of a Federal Great Britain along the lines of the Swiss Confederation. England should not be ruled in effect by direct rule from Westminster with handouts to politically neutered county councils

Covid 19 has shown ‘Government’ to be overbearing in all the constituent countries, post Covid we need a new Constitutional settlement for our countries.

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