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Benefits of Brexit? How about benefits of EU?

Social media over the last few years has been full of former Remain voters (Rejoiners?) asking if anyone had noticed the benefits of Brexit yet. It’s a difficult one to answer as the current government seem to have been doing their utmost to prove leaving was wrong all along. Not one EU regulation has been overturned as the fractures in the Tory party have ensured we continue to shadow our former masters in Brussels.

Little niggles, like a few minutes extra at passport control, to deliberately awkward trade restrictions, have been magnified in an effort to prove the 17.4 million wrong.

But isn't it about time we turned the question round and asked the Rejoiners what benefits they saw in 47 years of membership? Can they actually claim anything meaningful? Democracy? Well, we elected MEPs didn’t we? But in that Parliament, no British amendment was ever passed in all our years of membership and, unlike Westminster, an MEP is constitutionally unable to propose a new law. New legislation could only be proposed by the 28 APPOINTED commissioners.

For most of my lifetime, this country paid billions of pounds annually for access to a single market, with which we had a trade deficit of some €90 billion. Free trade, it definitely wasn’t! The UK was then unable to sign trade deals with anyone else, not even those with whom it had historical links, like the Commonwealth.

Paying a fee to get into a car boot sale before we start shopping is one thing. But to then be penalised if we dare to think there’s nothing suitable and decide to look elsewhere is another altogether.

But what about the EU social fund, they say? Well, if you gave me a tenner and I returned a fiver to you on the condition I could tell you how to spend it, would you consider that a good deal? Exactly!

We gave up our fish (a common natural resource claimed the EU), our borders and our parliamentary sovereignty. For what result? Answers on a post card please.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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