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Belmarsh is the UK’s Guantanamo Bay

It is a national disgrace Julian Assange is still locked up in Belmarsh pending an appeal from the United States as to his extradition to face charges that threaten one hundred and seventy five years jail (should he survive a year in an American Jail that leads to an ‘accidental’ suicide).

Even the New York Times is calling for Assange release before Christmas and for all charges to be dropped.

This Party has always considered that Assange is a political prisoner and should be released with immediate effect. His only ‘crime’ is to embarrass the United States by exposing US war crimes.

English Law is being compromised by ‘abuse of process’ by the legal establishment, in which Starmer is deeply implicated. Having no written Constitution that protects ‘free speech, the United Kingdom is ideal for the US to have Assange held indefinitely.

Have no doubt that Belmarsh is the successor to Guantanamo Bay, outside of the Constitution of the United States drafted by Jefferson to ensure the right of free speech. The American Government has a vested interest in keeping Assange in Belmarsh , if he is extradited the veracity of his claims of US war crimes will be introduced as a defence in an American Court. Not what the Biden administration would want at all, not Jack Straw who was involved in illegal rendition.

Silencing your critics by fair means or foul is as old as the hills, God knows this party had had repeated attempts to silence it. There has already been one alleged attempt on Assange’s life that was at least in the planning stage. Evidence is now coming forward that Twitter, under its previous management, was in the pocket of ‘Team Biden’ to silence hostile and embarrassing leaks about Biden’s son. Silencing is part of modern statecraft.

In the name of humanity Sunak release Assange to rejoin his family for Christmas, prove that to us all you are not just an American poodle.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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