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BBC - Your time is up!

The media watchdog’s annual report on the broadcaster said that audiences “consistently rate the BBC less favourably” for impartiality, adding that complaints about BBC content have more than trebled since 2017-2018, jumping from 1,673 four years ago to 5,429 this year.

Describing the national broadcaster’s commitment to delivering impartial coverage as a “complex challenge”, Ofcom warned that the BBC has been hit by “historical failings” during the past 12 months.


This report was produced this time last year. If anything the situation has become even worse.

The BBC has become uncritically wedded to the climate agenda, the late Dr David Bellamy was ejected from appearing on the public broadcaster for daring to suggest that the evidence for man made global warming was tenuous, sticking your head above the climate change parapet is decidedly risky.

At the end of the last week the public broadcaster turned into the PR department of the NHS, with belligerent NHS union reps threatening strikes unchallenged. The most breathtaking report was on the increase in avoidable cancer deaths 2018- 22. Nowhere was the Government’s decision to close all screening because of the plague for nearly two years mentioned. It was all linked to throwing more money at the NHS

Today the BBC celebrates the one hundred years of its first broadcast. This party argues that the BBC has breached its charter repeatedly and needs to be held to account and privatised.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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