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Assange Still Needs Freeing!

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak tells how he is aiming for a secure and stable world, as he meets with President Biden and Australian PM, Anthony Albanese. as the three work together on AUKUS.

A secure and stable world sounds great. So, you are committed to Peace? A commitment to end, by peaceful means, the proxy war in Ukraine? No more support for warmongering in the Pacific? And no doubt promoting Press Freedom? These are the three nations involved in the incarceration of a journalist in Belmarsh Prison.

In 2007, war criminal Lynndie England was released on parole after only 17 months in prison. She is former American soldier, prosecuted for mistreatment of prisoners during Abu Ghraib torture and abuse in Iraq. The whistle-blower who exposed her has been behind bars for three times that long.

Julian Assange exposed evidence for war crimes and corruption and has a 100% record of accuracy and has been held in a high security prison for nearly four years and faces 175 years inside if extradited to the US. WikiLeaks has a 100% record for its claims being proven true. No other media organisation can claim that.

Do you want to know why Julian Assange is still in jail? He would likely have exposed the truth about the US proxy war and other corruption in Ukraine and the reasons why the US continues to provoke war with Russia and China. He would have exposed the scandal involved in the creation of Covid-19 and the mysterious terrorism which saw Nordstream sabotaged.

Meanwhile, he is slowly dying as part of a gruesome legal experiment in criminalising journalism. Like all public torture, it sends a message to onlookers: This could happen to you.

The message from the UK, USA and Australian government, “You're on your own.”. Having someone expose what’s really going on isn’t on their agenda. Julian, the Libertarian Party will not forget you.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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