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As nightmares go…

What would be your nightmare job? The only leaf sweeper in Sherwood Forest? Painting the Firth of Forth bridge? Both pale into insignificance when compared to the task of making the current Labour leader look interesting.

The problem for Keir Starmer is that the Tories have stolen all Labour’s policies. In truth, they have shown how they don’t work, though Conservative HQ is not ready to admit that yet. So, it all comes down to personality and the Labour is sorely lacking in charisma.

For a lawyer, he’s not even doing the boring things right. He’s now under investigation by the police for alleged Covid rule-breaking now face further investigation by the Independent Parliamentary Commissioner for failing to declare earning, gifts, benefits and hospitality. Among these are tickets to the football. Unlike his opponent at the dispatch box, it doesn’t make him look like a jack-the-lad, but just like a poor lawyer.

The only thing he’s been able to say regarding different policies is that he’d have a better relationship with the European Union. He says he’d sort a better deal and make it work. Hmmm, that worked so well for David Cameron, didn’t it? The EU have shown on many occasions that it will not negotiate, will not be deviated from its expansionist, protectionist path.

Meanwhile, shadow minister Anna McMorrin told Labour party supporters last week that in power “we need to renegotiate the deal, certainly”. Doubly deluded. Which is more unlikely; a new deal or Labour getting back into power?

The truth is that neither leader of the two main parties wants Brexit, which rather means that neither want to make the decisions for the country. I had that down as one of the pre-requisites for the job?

The country needs new ideas, not new personalities. The tired authoritarian policies of the establishment, accelerated since the Blair years, have got us into a real mess and getting out of it isn’t going to be achieved by having “More establishment”. Government and the politicised civil service need paring right back.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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