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Are Cars Destined To Be The Next Lost Freedom?

There is a growing feeling that in less than 20 years we’ll all have stopped owning cars and the internal combustion engine will have been consigned to history.

Last week in Strasbourg, the EU voted to phase out petrol powered cars over the next two decades.

It’s a big claim and it is easy to be sceptical, but the argument that a unique convergence of new technology is ready to take over.

Driverless uber-style vehicles will arrive at the touch of a button, so that no individual actually needs to have their own.

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge is concerned it will be the next tool with which to control the public.

The Libertarian Deputy Chairman said “Today we have the freedom to own a car and drive it where we choose.

“If we move towards commonly owned driverless vehicles, will it be within our “rights” to use them?

“For rights can easily be removed by a corrupt state – for simple things like disagreeing with policy direction – as we move inexorably towards a totalitarian, state-run existence.

“I love my car, I love the freedom to just drive it when I please. It is a freedom I do not wish to lose.

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