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Archdictator Of Fantasy

Justin Welby, the Archdictator of Fantasy seems to think that having the Queen sit alone during her husband’s funeral was a shining example to set for her subjects. This party disagrees with the globalist shill. It was inhumane to leave an elderly lady to grieve her husband of so long with no one to support her during such a terrible time.

Mr Welby said, "The clearest moment for me, the absolute summit of that, was that at the funeral of her husband of 70-something years, she sat alone.

"That was leadership, it was doing the right thing, it was duty, it set an example." continued the archbishop, who officiated at the funeral, which observed the restrictions in place at the time.

But as time goes on, more and more evidence appears that such isolation never helped the situation at all and merely slowed the transmission rate leading to herd immunity. More than that, the separation of families at such times has proved integral in the escalation of depression and suicide.

Isn’t it about time people realised that this religious figure, set at the head of one of the major Christian faiths, has not one shred of humanity in his bones. More than that, he expects his congregation to follow world leaders blindly into the abyss if that is what they are instructed to do.

If religion has a function at all, isn’t it to teach people to be kinder to each other? What the Queen and so many others endured during the funerals of our loved ones, was pure cruelty.

Mr Welby needs to get his head from out of the World Economic Forum’s considerable derriere and get back to teaching the message he is (handsomely) paid to teach.

Clergy should be removed from politics altogether, starting with the bishops still entitled to pore over potential legislation in the House of Lords. Religion and politics do not mix.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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