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Andy Street Is “Wasting His Time”

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge has told Andy Street he is wasting his time calling for Amazon to pay more taxes whilst the UK remains in the EU.

He added that the West Midlands Metro mayor should be well aware that multinational companies had the freedom to shift profits to other EU countries.

Mr Street had called for community spirit and greater taxes on online sellers to save the traditional High St.

The Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “Andy Street is making a populist statement on something he knows will not happen.

“If he really thinks taxes on multinationals can be increased he is wasting his time, but more likely he is making soundbite statements to increase his falling popularity.

“Multinational firms will continue to move profits from country to country to lessen their tax liabilities for as long as we are trapped in the EU.

“If he really wanted to do something, he could call for a lessening of Business Rates on shops, which would REALLY give them a level playing field.”

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