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All Is Not (Yet) Lost!

Given the circumstances, it is not difficult to see why some libertarians may struggle to find a way out of our current predicament. When one is not only faced with a government’s continual abandonment of liberal free-market principles, combined with its introduction of draconian laws and a move towards authoritarianism, things are starting to look increasingly bleak.

Apart from a few rebellious Tory MPs, it seems that the majority of our elected representatives are more than happy to chip away at the rights of their constituents for the sake of a perceived greater good. But once these people take, they never give back. Taxes, rights, property or power.

Yet, we as individuals, must not lose sight of the fact that we are capable of stemming the tide of tyranny. Indeed, who better than thousands of liberty lovers to unite and defeat the 650-or-so that still think that the people are there to serve them, rather than the other way around? it might not yet be time for the pitchforks.

At the time of the last election, Britain was at an uncertain political crossroads. It is at a crossroads now too. Either our rights will be fought for and protected, or abandoned and eventually lost. The party stood a handful of candidates in a Brexit-dominated 2019 who understood that the time to act had long since arrived. Let’s not forget that political parties exist in order to stand candidates and to fight elections and ours is no different.

Of course, whilst understanding that not everybody wants to stand for election within an all too broken political system, the Libertarian Party must continue to increase its numbers of members and candidates. We believe that it wouldn’t be very libertarian of us If we didn’t try to return power to the people by way of using peaceful and democratic means! We’re going nowhere and will make the lives of the old parties much more difficult in future.

The Conservatives have proven that they are no longer the party of small-state governance and a defender of personal and economic freedoms. The Labour Party no longer a defiant defender of civil liberties and battler against oppression. Between them, racking up a national debt of two trillion pounds. Any remaining libertarians within those parties must surely be questioning their involvement within such tiring institutions and I have little doubt that, as a result, our membership will continue to rise.

I am getting ready for another fight at the ballot box and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Andrew Kinsman – Nominating Officer

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