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Action, Not Words Or Photo-Ops

The Libertarian Party branch in Dudley have successfully registered five candidates to stand in the May elections. Dudley is at the heart of the growing Mercia region of the Party.

Two of the candidates are that phrase that more high brow ‘I am more Libertarian than you’, types don’t like; ‘Community Activists’. Gary Farmer and Wayne Lewis can be seen most weekends clearing up the streets and rubbish that the local council have frankly failed to deal with. The local council workers may be willing, but their managers and council members are letting residents down badly.

In one ward, the local Labour councillor has been suspended for allegedly anti-semitic remarks and the local Tories have been forced to parachute in a young lad from outside the area, who seems to have secured a ten second photo-op at the local Red House Glass Cone in a clear breach of purdah. Complaints are underway.

With the Ukrainian war ongoing, NCC member and maritime engineer Simon Harris has done a relief run into Ukraine, his pickup sporting the Libertarian Party Logo. On the subject of Ukraine, an informal group of Libertarians from the US is active on the ground using the links made though Liberty International.

Libertarians have often talked about liberty in the abstract, ethereal sense. So it’s interesting to see them step up,” Paul Schwennesen said.

“In some ways, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is really an opportunity to push back on statism gone bonkers.”

Although Dr. Kyle Varner, of Spokane, wasn’t at the warehouse in mid-March, his trip to Poland and Ukraine to help treat refugees fleeing the war was motivated by his own commitment to libertarian ideals seeded while he was in medical school.’

It’s about action not tedious self serving posts on the internet.

The two and a half party system is bust, vote for Freedom. North of the border vote for the Scottish Libertarian Party, In England, vote for our candidates where we have them standing, or failing that vote for like-minded souls in the Freedom Alliance.

Vote for action, not the same people who come blinking into the sunlight at election having done nothing at all for the rest of the year.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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