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Accountable Government

The ever pointless John Major has weighed in over the Party-gate affair. The high flown pomposity and bitterness of the man shone through his speech at the Institute of Government whose by-line is ‘Working to make government more effective’.

Hells teeth! have we not suffered enough from Government over the the last two years?

Glossing over Major’s personal behaviour, which is little better than that of Johnson, this bitter man is largely responsible for an issue that has split the nation for nearly a generation, that of Brexit.

He floated to the top holding one senior position after another in the dying days of the Thatcher Government. As somebody who lived through his embattled premiership, there was very little effective government. He could barely govern his own party due to the running sore of Europe and Maastricht. The civil war in former Yugoslavia also happened on his watch, where his ambivalent attitude drew fire from Margaret Thatcher. Blair succeeded Major whose government was by then exhausted.

Does this man seriously think the public care a jot that he was on the wrong side of history nearly thirty years ago?

Facing a collapse in living standards, he does not deserve being a headline. The public want less government, a return to hard won freedoms and those responsible for the last two years being held to account.

Never mind effective government, this party calls for less government and for it to be far more accountable.

Andrew Withers FRSA

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