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A Tax on Democracy

Date: Monday 8th April 2019

With European Elections looking ever more likely at the end of May, the Libertarian Party UK have announced that they will not be fielding candidates for the EU Parliament.

There are 12 electoral regions and a deposit in each of £5,000 is required to stand as a candidate.

Party Chairman, Andrew Withers, branded the figure a “Tax on democracy.” Designed to keep power for the elite few.

Mr Withers said, “These deposits are designed for no other purpose than to ensure power remains with the same few organisations.

“It is as corrupt as the First past The Post system in the UK and is merely a tax on democracy.

“The Libertarian Party has always been a strong advocate of individual freedom and as such have always been pro-Brexit.

“The fact that we are even talking about elections to an institution we should have already left is a disgrace.

“To put forward candidates would also give this Federal Super-state credibility it does not deserve after the 2016 decision by the people to Leave.”


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