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A Different Strategy For Health And Social Care.

The Prime Minister yesterday announced a 1.25% rise in National Insurance tax in a bid to improve the Care Sector.

Although it is not the care sector that will benefit from this tax, at first the funds raised will be to bring down the huge waiting lists for treatments postponed during the last 18 months. It is certainly not the actual care workers who will benefit from the funds increase as they themselves will be contributing to it in their own National Insurance tax payments.

We can spend an eternity writing and talking about how bad this tax increase is, and it is bad. Not only for the care sector, those who work in it, every other worker but also the economy. The economy will be hit hard as employers will have to increase their part of NI contributions for each employee. What happens when companies are forced to find more funds? They cut their cloth accordingly.

My point is that we as the Libertarian Party must share with you our strategy on health and social care policy so at the next general election you will have an informed choice. Please see the headline policy followed by the link to the full policy with costs, savings and benefits in our manifesto.

Our policy is:

For A Patient Focused, Politics Free, Health Care Service.

Devolution Of Health Care.

Health Care Independent Of Government Control.

Replacement Of National Insurance Payments By A Local Health Tax.

Universal Health Care Provided By Compulsory Insurance.

Cap Compulsory Insurance And Health Tax To Gradually Allow Choice To Come To The Fore.

The Option To Opt Out Along Dutch Lines.

Policies In This Manifesto To Be Transitional.

We believe that this policy will start to bring real change to the way health and social care is delivered in the UK. We cannot let the government continue to heavily tax the individual and limit choice to all those seeking medical help. The answer to the cannot always be to throw money at the NHS by taxing the people more and more.

Glenville Gogerly EADW - Libertarian Party Chairman.

We invite you to read our policy in full by clicking on the following link:

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