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A Deal Good For No One Bar The Elite

West Midlands Libertarian MEP, Bill Etheridge told Westminster MPs to learn from the Spanish Prime Minister and vote down the UK:EU deal, which he said was “good for no-one bar the elite”.

“As things stand today if there are no changes regarding Gibraltar, Spain will vote no on Brexit,” said Mr Sánchez.

“As a country we cannot assume that whatever happens in the future with Gibraltar would be negotiated by the UK and EU – it will have to be negotiated between Spain and the UK,” he added.

Bill Etheridge MEP, the Libertarian Party UK Deputy Chairman said “This so-called deal is good for no one bar the elite.

“But if it has a use at all it is in teaching Senor Sanchez the reality that being Prime Minister of Spain does not mean he governs it.

“That role has passed to Brussels – to the unelected few who determine the fate of what were once great nations.

“Greece had its budget rejected, Italy faces the same fate, Poland and Hungary face sanctions for not adopting “refugee” quotas.

“No, Senor Sanchez, it is not your decision to take. Westminster MPs should look on and learn, for this will be their fate too if they do not reject this appalling deal.”

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