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15 Minute Dystopian Nightmare.

New plans are emerging for the West Midlands conurbation – a large area comprising Britain’s second city, plus the adjacent Black Country and the city of Coventry – to follow Oxford and Bath as “15 minute cities”, where private car ownership is being treated as evil and citizens are encouraged to stay within 15 minutes of their home by cycle, scooter or walking.

Forty-five-minute public transport journeys are also permitted. Given the current performance levels of Travel West Midlands, no one would go anywhere as that equates to the waiting time for these erratic services which are buckling due to major problems including strikes and staff shortages.

Local libertarians likened it to being under permanent house arrest.

This is the brainchild of West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street. Let us never forget that this is the position that Birmingham voted not to have but was foisted on them anyway - said: “This plan sets out how we’re designing neighbourhoods and communities fit for the future – reducing car reliance and making it easier than ever to make more sustainable local journeys.”

Sustainable for who? It must be asked. Not those in work, who will struggle to arrive on time. Nor those looking for work. Imagine telling Job Centre staff that you can only travel 15 minutes to any possible future employer.

These coming restrictions on future movement are the most frightening development yet in a nightmare last few years. The trials for this were done on the pretext of there being a “pandemic” and those people that foretold this were told they needed a tin foil hat. Well, it seems those foil hats were more useful than the bits of paper they wanted us all to wear to reduce our breathing capacity!

Smart travel apps will be advertised as a way of working out the best route and getting the lowest fares. More attractive than an ankle tag, I suppose, because guess what, they will also show up if you’ve dared to go too far from home. Freedom must be the cry. Wake up, people, this nightmare needs to end.

Martin Day – Party Secretary

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