Reclaim Your Freedom with the Libertarian Party

Reclaim Your Freedom with the Libertarian Party

End ULEZ, Boost the London Economy Now!

The Democracy Tax

Join the Libertarian Party! Take back your rights from big government

Fuel Tony Brown's Journey to the London Mayor's Office

With a year to go we are facing a both a general election and the London Mayor and assembly elections. The choices are pretty stark between a Conservative Party that has abandoned any pretence of being small state and low tax, and a resurgent Labour Party that wants more of your money to to pay for its programmes that frankly mean little reward or incentive for those wishing to be financially independent and effect nationalisation.

It is now becoming apparent that during the COVID disaster a government body was set up to stifle dissent, the public inquiry that has been set up is studiously avoiding examination of the corruption that allegedly to have occurred.

We believe YOU to be sympathetic to the cause of individual freedom, low tax and a small State, to make a donation to help us pay the democracy tax, £5,000 for having a candidate for the London Mayoral election, and £500 for each parliamentary candidate. We have set a target of £100,000 to be raised in the next twelve months.

A small price compared to the millions being poured into the coffers already. Please help us by making a donation. Electoral Commission rules guarantee anonymity but we do have to ensure the the donations are ‘permissible. The Libertarian Party has existed since the dark days of Gordon Brown’s premiership. Seeking donations from supporters of Liberty is a new departure for us, unlike government we have always lived within our membership fee income.

Please help us, help you!

Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalised robbery.

Calvin Coolidge

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